Table Clinics

For Table Clinics - Abstract Submission

Dr. Sohraab Shaheed
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  • The teams would compromise a maximum of 3 presenters
  • All the table clinic presentations would be setup on a single table provided by the organizers. Clinic materials should be constrained to the table top only
  • The title of the table clinic theme and the names of the presenter and their institution should be displayed clearly
  • Table clinicians must remain behind their tables at all times during their presentations and may not use motion pictures, heavy office equipment, amplified sound devices, or actual patients
  • Advertising matter, commercial promotion, solicitation of sales of any type are prohibited
  • Drugs must be identified by their generic or chemical formula, rather than by commercial trade name
  • Any trade name on instruments must be covered
  • Professional attire is required for the table clinicians at the time of presentation
  • The presentation should last not more than 7 minutes. This will be followed by Q/A session or discussion between presenters and the Judges